Adventures in Setting Up an Oracle RDS on AWS Part 1

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So I’ve been tinkering around the AWS Free Tier account I set up a couple of weeks ago and I decided to do some digging into the Relational Database Service (RDS) options. The Free Tier grants 750 hours a month for a t1 micro instance so I decided that Oracle was definitely the way to go. Since I do not already have an Oracle license the Standard Edition was selected and within a couple of minutes I had my very own Oracle database up and running. I was able to connect to it from SQL Developer on my desktop and then I tried to access it from my Linux EC2 instance.

That is where the real fun began. By default, the basic AMI Linux instance does not have any Oracle software installed and I could not find any in the repository via yum. So I set out to¬† to find what I needed to get basic connectivity set up to my remote Oracle database. And that is when things got truly interesting…

A New Blog, A New Service

Hey there everyone. I am relaunching my site over the coming days and weeks on a new platform with new capabilities. I am truly excited to get in here and work on not only the content of the site but the underlying environment which will now be hosted on Amazon Web Services. I look forward to sharing these experiences with you.